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5 Businesses You Can Run From a Self Storage Unit

Have you started a new business and it has taken over your home? Don’t have enough space in your house to dedicate a separate room for your new business? Renting out an office space might be costly and a process that takes time. If you’re looking for cost effective solutions then it might be a good idea to have a self-storage unit you can run your business from. Here are 5 businesses that can easily be run out of a self-storage unit;

Design Studio and Workshop

If you’re any sort of creative practitioner and your work comprises of creating things with your hands or designing in a studio space, then self-storage units penrith can be the perfect place for you. You will get enough peace and quiet to think and design and can also treat it as a workshop and work with tools without anyone getting disturbed! It can be your own private nook where you go to create and dream.

Photography Studio or Dark Room

If you’re a photographer, a self-storage unit can be the perfect place to create a photography studio for your growing business. In case you’re an outdoor photographer, then a self storage unit can also be a dark room for your analog photos or an editing studio for you to treat and color grade your images with the best focus.

Shipping stations for your E-business

If you are an owner or you’re working with an e-commerce store as their shipping partner, then the self-storage unit can be a perfect godown for you to store, pack, label and ship products from. These stores sometimes outsource their shipping so the self-storage unit can be the perfect place for you to have your shipping station.

Video Post-Production Studio

If you’re a video editor and you’re tired of working from home and now you want your own little space specified as an editing office, then a self-storage unit is the perfect place for you. You can have an entire video editing set-up with multiple screens, projectors, recording equipment. a temporary voiceover booth and even a green screen in a relatively smaller space.

Content Writer

Converting a self-storage space into a writing studio for your freelance business is a good idea for you to have a quiet corner where you can think and write freely without it being a burden on your pocket. Sometimes writing at home can be a difficult task because of the distractions around you in the form of people, pets and things, so sometimes it becomes necessary to have a relatively isolated space where you can completely focus on your work. Fret no more, self-storage units are here for you to concentrate away!

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