Homogenisation Blog What are the Elements of a Workplace Traffic Management Plan Template?

What are the Elements of a Workplace Traffic Management Plan Template?

Workplaces usually have many safety hazards resulting in illnesses, fatalities, and injuries. Some of the traffic safety hazards in workplaces are common and may include involvement with forklifts, docks, conveyors, and open-bed trucks. However, hazards in the workplace are not limited to machinery. Traffic safety may be a problem especially if any hazard interferes with safe movements in the workplace. To ensure that you are working in a safe workplace, you need to have a workplace traffic management plan template to help keep everyone safe.

Elements of a Workplace Traffic Management Plan Template

The leading warehouse traffic management plan should have certain elements that address all the safety concerns in the work environment. These elements include;

  • Traffic safety and control equipment

Workplaces usually involve workers, drivers, visitors, utility carts, flatbed trucks, forklifts, and other power vehicles. Therefore, collisions can occur anytime, especially if the traffic is uncontrolled. For this reason, it is essential to control traffic to minimize collisions’ occurrence and severity.

A workplace traffic management plan template should include effective traffic control equipment that should be used in traffic control. Some of this traffic control equipment includes safety mirrors, reverse mirrors, audible alarms, barricades and barriers, and visual warnings. Each piece of equipment is essential in ensuring everyone in the workplace is safe.

  • Floor markings

Having floor markings is another traffic control measure that ensures that every workplace is safe.   While making your workplace traffic management plan template, you need to ensure that you think about including floor markings on your workplace. These markings should be in different colours and patterns to separate drivers and pedestrians. Apart from enhancing workplace safety, these markings minimize traffic around intersections and blind spots.

  • Anti-slip and fall measures

Workplaces usually have many accidents and injuries resulting from slips and falls. Slippery floors, stray cords, flatbed trucks, floor pits, cracks, or product spillage may cause this. Since some of these things cannot be prevented, your workplace traffic management plan template should include a way to reduce these hazards. For instance, you can consider regular housekeeping in your workplace to reduce these dangers. This should involve regular cleaning, repairing floor cracks, and eliminating clutter.

  • Signage

Another element that should be included in your workplace traffic management plan template is signage. Proper safety signs in a workplace are essential for enhancing the safety of the workers in the workplace. Safety signs remind people of the important things they know, such as; locations of fire extinguishers and fire exits, speed limits, and who can or cannot access certain areas in a workplace.

The signs in high foot traffic will enhance work-related accidents, improve traffic flow, and enhance productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Also, employers must ensure they provide employees with the right protective gear and train them to use them for better safety.

  • Emergency evacuation protocols and procedures

In addition, a workplace traffic management plan template should communicate and implement an emergency plan that deals with any safety concerns. This plan should discuss how emergencies should be addressed in case of accidents, fires, natural disasters, and explosions. Also, the plan should outline evacuation protocols and procedures, including workplace safety provisions, emergency exit locations, responsibilities of employees, ways of accounting for employees and visitors in case of emergencies, and how to contact key personnel in case of off-hour emergencies.

  • Training

Creating safety awareness is an excellent way to ensure everyone in a workplace is safe. For this reason, you must ensure that employees are well-trained in safety practices and procedures in the workplace. Also, they need to understand what happens when they ignore these procedures. All this information should be captured in your workplace traffic management plan template.

For the safety of your employees and visitors, you should always ensure a perfect workplace traffic management plan template. A good traffic management plan should include all the above elements.

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